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Q. When was the Organization formed?
A. The Shootout formed in 2002, with only one team in the 14 & Under age group.

Q. Where is the Indoor facility located?
A. The Shootout work out at the DBAT of Tulsa Baseball & Softball Academy located at 13679 East 61st Street South, Broken Arrow, OK

Q. How many teams exist?
A. Currently, the Shootout is home to 5 teams - 18 Gold, 16 Gold, 12 Blue, 12 White, 10u.

Q. What are the age ranges of the Shootout players?
A. Shootout players start at 10u level which is 9 years old and are eligible to play through 18 years of age or graduation from high school. The Shootout Organization accepts younger age players depending on the Skills.

Q. What is the cost to participate?
A. Costs vary per season, for more information, contact; Krystel Markwardt at 918-693-0317.

Q. When are try-outs for Shootout?
A. Shootout hosts try-outs in the month of August. All players must try-out. Individual try-outs are accepted by appointment only.

Q. Where do you pratice?
A. Hitting and winter workout is at DBAT Indoor Facility and practice outdoors at Arrowhead Park in Broken Arrow or Savage Fields in Tulsa.

Q. Who do you have coaching your teams?
A. It has always been the policy of Shootout to have no parents coaching our teams, but from time to time it's necessary to have parents involved.

Q. Do you have to be a resident of Tulsa to be involved in Shootout?
A. Absolutely not! The Shootout travel from city to city, state to state. We may just be in your neck of the woods sometime soon! If you are interested in playing for Shootout please contact Krystel Markwardt at 918-693-0317 or kmarkwardt@tulsashootout.org

Q. What are the seasons?
18U and 16U FALL September through February
SUMMER May through August

Q. How can I donate to Shootout?
A. Donations and sponsorships are appreciated to continue to provide appropriate solutions and opportunities for all players. If you are interested in making a donation to Shootout, Please call Krystel @ 918-693-0317

The Shootout Softball Organization is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are members of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA Softball)