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Shootout operates from the support of their families and some local businesses and avid softball supporters. As we grow and continue to assist Tulsa in this economic downturn by attracting families to Tulsa and by keeping more money in the pockets of our families for college expenses, we welcome additional funding. Sponsorships are available for the Team, training facility, equipment, travel and special event.

If you or your company is interested in the empowerment of these fine young women along with the development of their academic and athletic skills, please contact us. If you see an opportunity for advertisement with the Shootout Softball Organization, we are open for suggestions as well.

Please contact Krystel Markwardt at kmarkwardt@tulsashootout.org or 918.693.0317

The Shootout Softball Organization is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are members of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA Softball)